Frequently Asked Questions


What is the student/teacher ratio at Super Start School?
Each Super Start School 3- and 4-year-old class session maintains a 1:7 teacher/student ratio. 

Do students participate in field trips?
No. Due to liability issues, field trips are not offered. However, occasional speakers are brought to Super Start. Students do not leave Super Start School during class time.

Do students have a set recess time?
No. However, Super Start School has a Movement Activity room where students are given opportunities to move and develop gross motor skills with the help of bean bags, rhythm sticks, jump ropes, hopping sacks, parachutes, instruments and other teaching aides. In addition, students transition many times during class at a pace that is developmentally appropriate.

Does Super Start School have a reading program?
Yes. Super Start School offers a reading program to all four-year-old session students. This is a voluntary program students and parents can participate in by taking home reading books. Students check off home reading books at school and are rewarded for their effort by earning and spending reading coins at our school reading store.

Are there performances or school programs presented to parents by the students?
Yes. Four-year-old class sessions present graduation programs at the end of the school year and participate in graduation commencement ceremonies. These programs consist of songs, chants, and speaking parts.

Do I have to provide supplies for my child from home?
No. All activities and school supplies are provided by Super Start School. 

Do students participate in any formal testing or grading?
Students growth is tracked at the beginning, middle, and year end. Student assessments are kept in portfolio books that are brought home at the end of the year. These assessments are an attempt to show what students “know,” not what they “don’t know.” Each child develops independently, as does his or her progress in school.

What if my child has a food allergy?
Each year Super Start School’s enrollment of students with allergies increases. All teachers are aware of student allergies and students with special needs. In addition, any snacks used at school have labels that have been read and approved with consideration of students who have allergies.

How much is tuition?
Three-year-old class sessions meet twice a week for 2 ½  hours; tuition is $160 per month. Most four-year-old class sessions meet three times a week for three hours; tuition is $235 per month. We do offer an extended 3 ½ hour class in the morning and afternoon for four-year-olds; tuition is $280. A ten percent sibling discount is offered for twins and offered to families with more than one child enrolled each school calendar year.

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